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head coach: Jeff Hayden - jeff.hayden@fpsmail.org


2021Jeff Hayden
2020* (COVID-19)Jeff Hayden
2019 District ChampionsJeff Hayden
2018Jeff Hayden
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1998Jeremy Gilfry District Champions
1997Larry Martin

Baseball resumes in Fremont under a co-op between Archbishop Bergan Catholic High School and Fremont High School.


In the summer of 1938, members of the American Legion Post 20 met with Fremont High officials and talked them into having a baseball team. Fremont's American Legion baseball team was at a disadvantage to the Omaha teams they played because Omaha offered high school baseball. The Legion provided the uniforms and equipment. Virgil Yelkin, Fremont High School's head football coach at the time, was given the managers role. Yelkin also had the role of manager for Fremont's Legion team. A position he held from 1937-1946. In 1947 coach Yelkin, a former Nebraska Cornhuskers football player, took the head coach position for the new baseball program at the University of Nebraska Omaha. He was 439-196 as head coach from 1947-1976.

According to Legion member Bruce Dickerson, in the spring season of 1940, Fremont High officials cancelled high school baseball. The reason given was baseball's interference with track.

1940Virgil Yelkin
1939Virgil Yelkin


"Ever since Wicks made his initial appearance at fremont high School, three years ago, we have had a championship team. Wicks always believed in playing fast and fierce. He desired victory, but not at the expense of honesty, and would rather lose fairly the hardest game ever staged, than to win by any questionable methods." - 1917 Black & Gold

"Although the team has not had the rightful support from the school as they deserve, they have gone at it nip and tuck, endeavoring to maintain the baseball record of old F.H.S., that of only losing tow games of four years playing." - 1917 Black & Gold

Stories in the 1918 Tiger stated baseball was cancelled due to it's interference with track.

1917L.C. Wicks
1916L.C. Wicks (undefeated)
1915L.C. Wicks (undefeated)


"In the past years baseball has been one of the principal sports in the Fremont High School, but because of the action taken by the board of education during the present school year, our team has been disbanded." - 1908 Black & Gold

The 1908 team went undefeated in their final season. The roster included: Diels (catcher), Richards & Howard (short), Lumbard (first), Fritz (second), Lee (third), Stewart (left), Gibson (center), Gossard (right).

1908Newlon (undefeated)

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